Deployment of instrumentation on the Swedish Icebreaker Oden took place in Helsingborg at the end May. We have instrumentation deployed over seven decks not to mention on a 10m mast at the bow – going up on the scissor lift when out at sea is going to be an interesting experience!

One of the big innovations for this project is using active motion correction tables for the LiDAR and the Radiometer. Seeing your kit dangling in mid air is quite a worrying experience but the crew were brilliant and the installation was hassle free.

The Oden will head up to Tromso at the end of June and the cruise leaves 6th July. The first leg goes from Tromso to Barrow (Alaska) arriving there around 17th August. While in Barrow there will be a complete crew change and then the second leg back to Tromso sets out 22nd August (getting back in around 4th Oct). The tracks for each leg is slightly different but both will be up through the ice but towards the Russian side of the Arctic.

Lidar and it's motion correction platform being craned into position

Lidar and it’s motion correction platform being craned into position