Local Insect life

Spent the last couple of days in meetings with the KNUST project partners.

The Ghana supersite for DACCIWA is going to be based on the KNUST campus in Kumasi. The campus is enormous and very spread out but as the IOP is going to take place in June/July only the masters and Ph.D students are going to be around. The site we will be working at is part of the School of Agriculture but the School of Physics, who run the meteorology program, have a measurement compound there. Power and network are available in the classrooms adjacent to the compound (20 m away) so things aren’t looking to bad. They do suffer power outages that can last an around 30 minutes and we did have an hour long one during our first set of meetings so UPSs are the order of the day.

At the moment the temperatures are peaking around 35C at about 1pm and the humidity is around 65% with only marginal drop in temperature over night. I’m told this is the hottest time of the year and it should be distinctly cooler come June and July – hope this is true or some of the instruments are going to need a cooling system!!

Seen Kites, Vultures, Geckos, and Lizards and grasshoppers like this specimen. No snakes but evidence of scorpions.